Special Promotions
Special Promotions are sold subject to prior sales or while stock last. These are back issue and they are not necessary back dated as they are still collections from the current season.

Promotion magazines, books or items sold are not refundable, non-exchangeable and non returnable.
Promotion items are sold locally, for international kindly request fro shipping cost before placing orders as all orders placed are deemed to be delivered to a local address.  More infromation on delivery are found on our terms and conditions.


book bambini
issue 15 aw2011/12

book haute couture
issue1 ss2010

book moda milan new york
issue 105 ss2010

book moda london paris
issue 108 ss2010

book sposa
issue 38 aw2010/11

book uomo
issue 26 aw2010/11

collezioni accessories
issue 58 ss2010

collezioni 03 baby
issue 48 aw2010/11

ccollezioni bambini
issue 47 aw2010/11

collezioni donna milan new york issue 137 ss2010

collezioni donna paris london issue 138 ss2010

collezioni donna haute couture issue 139 ss2010

collezioni sposa
issue 24 aw2010/11

collezioni trend
issue 93 aw2010/11

collezioni uomo
issue 69 ss2010

show details box accessories
issue 4 ss2011

show details box front & back
issue 3 aw2011/12

show details men
issue 8 ss2011

show details milan
issue 12 aw2011/12

show details paris
issue 11 aw2011/12

show details world
issue 7 aw2011/12

textile report
issue 1-09 spring2010

textile view
issue 85 spring2009

view 2
issue 8 summer 2010

issue 18/2009